Steve Durr

Up The Tracks Music
From Talkeetna, Alaska

Featuring: Flagstop-Train

Viewers of Discovery's "Railroad Alaska" about Alaska's flag stop train may have just discovered Steve Durr. But those who call him friend and neighbor have known him as a local treasure for a long long time. Steve is a singer/songwriter who lives way off the grid and out of the box, 'Up the tracks' from Talkeetna Alaska. His soulful ballads are a reflection of the heart and mind of a human being in search of humanity in himself and the world. "I don't write for 'markets.' I write about where I live, and the people and times I've known these last forty years in Alaska".

In summer Steve comes down from the hills, and sets up camp on the bank of the Talkeetna River closer to the tiny village of Talkeetna, for what he calls his 'river gig.' Working with the local rafting company, Steve performs his original Alaskan songs three times a day on the riverbank to the surprise and delight of the people going by. Though the site is not more than a mile from the town, it is still roadless and wild and Steve may be the only musician in the world who has to look out for bears as he takes the stage.

If you would like to hear Steve's music, you can take a float down the Talkeetna River, or you can find his albums and tracks at CD Baby.

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